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This site is a collection of photographs taken by Patrick Peron. If you require further information please select 'Info' from the menu. If you would like to contact me please select 'Contact'. All material on this site is Copyright 2005.
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travel photography

travel photos by patrick peron

What is travel photography? For many photographers, it is of how they have documented the places they have travelled on film without including themselves in the pictures. This is both photography while travelling and photography of your travels. The great appeal of travel photography is that it allows you to capture exotic sights when they are new and fresh. The miracle of the photograph allows you to record more than you immediately see and understand so that you can examine it later. Travel photographs can be both aid the memory and reveal more than the memory retains. Travel photography from around the world by amateur photographer Patrick Peron. Photo galleries include mixed portrait landscape images available for purchase. Gallery include Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, South, North America.

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